Market Orientation and Return to R&D Investment


  • 开始时间:2021-07-13 10:00
  • 活动地点:腾讯会议173339607
  • 主讲人:梁丰


This study asks how a firm’s market orientation influences its returns to R&D investment and its capability to benefit from external technology opportunities brought about by the globalization of manufacturing and innovation activities. We use a panel of firm-level data on production and R&D activities to study China’s semiconductor industry.  Building upon an earlier qualitative study, we find supporting evidence that this dynamic industry sector is characterized by two segments with very different market orientation: a domestically focused one with lagged technology, and a globally focused one employing advanced technology. While the former comprised the bulk of revenue and employment in the industry in 1998, the latter segment has grown substantially faster, and has now overtaken the former.  We hypothesize that these two segments will differ in their R&D productivity, and ability to absorb external R&D.


梁丰为 美国Western Kentucky University的副教授,国籍为中国,政治面貌为群众,长期从事国际商务、企业战略方面的研究。