Can Online-Merge-Offline Technology Create Increme


  • 开始时间:2021-12-09 14:00
  • 活动地点:线上
  • 主讲人:宋婷婷


This study focuses on a broadly-adopted but greatly-underexplored technology in offline retail – online-merge-offline (OMO) technology (e.g., “Scan-and-Go”). Although novel technologies have been documented to always improve customer experience, how OMO reshapes customers’ shopping behaviors and whether it can reinforce retailers’ economic revenues are ambiguous. Based on a unique fine-grained dataset from an offline-oriented retailer who initiated an OMO technology, we empirically reveal that the initiation of OMO renders customers to purchase more orders but perform less impulsive consumption. These shopping behaviors are accompanied with insignificant incremental revenues caused by the OMO for retailers. We propose and validate several nontrivial mechanisms that contribute to the findings.


宋婷婷,安泰经济管理学院信息技术与创新系副教授,研究兴趣主要集中在社交媒体、AI和在线平台。其论文发表在ISR, I&M等国际期刊上,获得2019年中国信息经济学优秀成果奖、2020年管理科学与工程学会优秀博士学位论文奖、2021年CSWIM 最佳论文等。